Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Custom ADA Signs to Accommodate Customers

To be in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, businesses selling goods or providing services to the public are required to meet specific requirements making the premises accessible ADA-sign so anyone with varying degrees of eyesight, mobility, and other physical hindrances. If your business provides equal access as required by law, you will also need signage such as custom ADA signs to ensure navigation or other important details.

Business Storefront Entries
Without an entrance to your location that is accessible by all, you might not only be in violation of the law, but additionally excluding many potential customers or clients from patronizing your place of business. In most cases it is required to have an area that can be accessed easily by a wheelchair such as a ramp, or other provisions and services to make your business entrance available to everyone.

International Signage
A standard sign which is used for representing wheelchair accessibility or other internationally recognized graphics and symbols must follow specific proportion regulations. So that they will visibly appear to each individual, such accessibility signs must be located at a convenient, logical height. There are other guidelines and legal regulations concerning safety and tactile warning messages. If your company is not aware of such requirements, it's essential to find a professional signage company that can manufacture custom ADA signs for your business.

Reduced Glare Signs
The ADA standard also requires signs to have a finish which is non-glare. This is to make certain there are not problems with readability due to bright light. For many people, excessive glare can make reading very difficult if not completely impossible. Therefore, current regulations dictate that the lettering and sign background has a specified level of contrast in order to ensure they are easily read by the visually impaired.

Finding a Supplier
Nowadays, finding a competent and quality minded sign manufacturer is not difficult. As well as traditional resources including community directories, most will have an online presence. Some provide enhanced software applications allowing customers to create virtual signage as a preview mechanism. This technique permits clients to easily make changes on the fly before making a final decision regarding style, color combinations, fonts and sign material.

Worldwide Accessibility

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