Saturday, July 7, 2012

A Checklist For "Home Extensions"

This article will simply be putting forward the things that a house owner should be looking at, before and when involved in the procedure of getting a house extension done.
The information that needs to be critically examined before getting rolled up in house plans is being divided into 3 broad stages. All of these three stages have equal importance for your future actions regarding your home.
01: Money and Extensions:
In this portion you will be doing costing of every little thing that will make you reach for your wallet; the broken door knob to the plumbing to the seepage in the attic.
  • Real Estate agents price for getting you a new home; if the house plans are not a viable option.
  • The Mortgage price of the new house; and/or the loss being bared from the old house.
  • The governmental stamp duty on a new house.
  • The mover's cost of moving into a new house.
  • The damaged caused by the mover's.
  • Cost of moving the internet, telephone line, cable service, security services, and letter's informing the change in address; and so many other things.
  • How many days off from the workplace look mandatory? And how much will those days off be costing you?
02: Benefits and Extensions:
This portion will be revolving you around the intangible yet effective aspects that are connected to your old home and maybe the reason's for considering house extension plans:
  • Your neighbors, the entire feel of the neighborhood, the school in that area, and amenities.
  • In general do you think that will be a good idea in these economic conditions?
  • Can a particularly big event distract you while in the procedure of getting a house extension; like a baby coming in, a wedding, or a loan's maturity?
  • Is the extension budget worth the budget cut that you are bearing now?
  • Where would you live during the extensions? How much will it be costing you?
Before the 3rd stage; now do a bit of a cost-benefit analysis; taking into the consideration the things that you wrote in the two stages above.
03: Cost of the Extension:
Remember that the decision of getting a house extension plan will be affecting you in the years to come; so deep consideration, analysis and a keen eye on things is quite significant. Another important thing is taking your time, don't rush you're self.
  • Take builder or architects to your home, explain the desired extensions and get a cost.
  • Take this cost to other builders and architects to recheck your chosen architect.
  • Once an architect has been chosen; obtain a planning permit from him before moving

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