Thursday, January 19, 2012

Fiber Optic Lighting for Commercial Use

The use of fiber optics in lighting systems is an amazing innovation, owing to the many benefits that the technology offers. Among the key benefits is the color changeability that these systems offer, thus making them ideal for applications that require unique color changeability and lighting effects.

The benefits of a Fiber Optic Lighting System

1. Safety: Fiber optic systems have a reputation for being safe for commercial use since they do not require any ultraviolet light, heat, or electricity in the cable to function. In addition, the light source is normally remote from the point of application. As such, they can be used safely in and around combustible surfaces, water, paintings, and other precious artifacts.

2. Cost-Effectiveness: An optics lighting system is quite economical to use, bearing in mind that it only requires two amps, or less to operate. It also comes with low maintenance costs. A single light source can be used with multiple fixtures.

3. Durability & Convenience: The UV protected plastic coating makes the cable durable, waterproof, and shockproof, and in effect maintenance free. As such, the fiber optic lighting systems are convenient to use, and can be used for many years, without breaking or burning out. This makes them ideal for locations that are not easily within reach. In addition, they are perfectly safe to use outdoors, without worrying about water damage or overheating.

4. Versatility: These lighting systems are very flexible in that, one light source can be used simultaneously for multiple applications. In addition, they can be used in virtually any application that requires a bold and dramatic effect.

Commercial Applications and Uses of Fiber Optic Lighting System

A fiber optic system offers a focused light source that does not emit ultraviolet rays or heat. This makes it ideal for commercial use due its energy efficiency. In addition, the system can be used safely with light sensitive and temperature sensitive materials such as museum artwork.

The lighting systems are rapidly replacing traditional systems in many commercial applications, especially, where convenience and safety is called for. The most common application is decorative lighting, but there are many other uses for such technology.

They are ideal for Shop front window displays, Trade shows and exhibitions, Signage, Shopping Center arcades, Chandeliers, swimming pools, Aquariums, Building foyers and corridors, Landscaping for gardens and driveways, Casinos, Discos and nightclubs, Ice sculptures and art pieces, Christmas exhibits and many more.

Learn more about the different commercial uses of a fiber optic lighting sytem as it may help with your commercial undertaking.

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